12 Jul

First review of Vita for Facebook v3.5 has been received on Google Play: "Version…

First review of Vita for Facebook v3.5 has been received on Google Play: "Version 3.5 Superb. Well done. Keep it up & with prompt support svc I'd give U guyz all the stars U need. Cheers mate ;)"

Always nice to hear from a happy customer. Any unhappy customers are also encouraged to get in touch so we can resolve any issues you encounter.

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  • Vojtěch Navrátil 12 Jul

    I just updated, and i can feel the difference. everything is now super smooth! Great

    I have some ideas for the future:)
    1) In messagages, when writing someone few messages in a row, it everytimes writes your name too with every new message, so make it like your name will appear with only the first messag, and then just messages without name, if they are in a row.

    2) You cant use link in comments to jump on that site, it does nothing when press, so make it like hyperlink:)

  • Platinum Apps 12 Jul

    Hey +Vojtěch Navrátil, glad you noticed the speed improvements – plenty more still to come.

    Great suggestions – regarding #2, that's already on our radar and will be implemented soon.
    For #1, that's a good idea – we're actually working on some other improvements in Messages/Chat so I'll put this on the radar as well and see if we can implement that as well.

    Thanks again for the feedback, I really appreciate it. Dave

  • Vojtěch Navrátil 3 Sep

    Hello, again me:), I just got new update and its nice and smooth, chat finally works without prob, drawerlooks so great, gread work, go on! 

    In newsfeed i have grey stripe under profile pictures, and feeds are centered about 1cm from left border, so maybe make an option to have posts under the profile pics too, so Pictures and stuff would be bigger in the feeds 🙂

  • Platinum Apps 17 Sep

    +Vojtěch Navrátil Any chance you could e-mail [email protected] with a screenshot and details about that issue so we can investigate it further? Thanks. Dave

  • Platinum Apps 17 Sep

    BTW, #1 mentioned above has been done and is currently in testing 😉