17 Jun

Any fans of the recently-announced Navigation Drawer?

I think it looks great and would love to see it adopted widely, although I don't think it will be well-suited for all apps, many apps would benefit from including this.

What does everyone think? Would you like to see this included in Vita for Facebook or any of our other apps?

Design Docs Update: The Navigation Drawer Is Now Officially A Standard
A few days ago, we investigated the new navigation drawer design present in updates to Google Earth and Google Shopper. The hope at the time was that this … by Ron Amadeo in News

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Comments (2)

  • Damon Smith 17 Jun

    Would love to see this implemented into your app. On another note, I will have to get in contact with you as the app is currently refusing to open on my phone.

  • Platinum Apps 17 Jun

    +Damon Smith Sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing – please send an e-mail to [email protected] with the details and we'll help get it resolved ASAP.